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KOH COLOURS creates the ultimate sense of elegance for every occasion, as they are also enriched with Topaz. This beautiful gemstone has a crystal-clear shine and a unique hardness. Similar to Topaz, KOH COLOURS have a dazzlingly sparkle. Furthermore, the polish is protected against damage for longer as a result of the added Topaz. The application of the patented Nano Technology ensures a long-lasting and intense color polish.

KOH COLOURS are supplied in a luxurious case, which makes it easy for you to take your bottle with you wherever you go. The shape of the case is also extremely handy for travel as it can also be used to keep your change, vitamin pills or jewelery in.



A French Manicure is a way of applying nail polish, so that the nail tips are accented in a pearl white, which highlights the rest of your nails’ natural pink color. By applying KOH PEARLY WHITE to each nail tip in the same width, you can more easily correct uneven length differences between each of your nails. A French Manicure is a timeless classic and appropriate for every occasion. The KOH PEARLY WHITE comes in a luxurious case, making it easier for you to bring the bottle with you wherever you go in your suitcase or handbag! The case closes perfectly, which makes it useful to have when traveling for keeping your money, vitamin pills or jewelery in.

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This gentle shade adds a pretty pink blush to the nail bed for a timeless, elegant look. KOH nail colours offer the ultimate combination of beautification and care. Specially fortified with vitamin B and E to hydrate the nails. Restoring their natural resilience and making them less vulnerable to breakage. The result? Beautifully cared-for nails with a timeless look.

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